Thursday, December 27, 2012


I think it's a long enough i don't update anything in my blogs. I'm quite busy lately finish all my assignment and final report. there many activities that had done during that time like my Public Relation event. Okay i will share to u event that i had done during this December where i'm so busy preparing for it.

This is ETEC (Empowering Talent Embracing Career) poster. This strategic collaboration program is organized by the student of Public Relations in Information Work course (UiTM) and PETRONAS Resource Centre (PRC). As to fulfilling the course requirements for Public Relations in Information Work, the aim objectives of this program is to explain the role of Information Management from the aspects of professionals and organizational.This half day session offers a unique blend of discussion and networking There is an close relationship that has formed between academician and the industries that fosters exchange of knowledge and experiences that has proven to be invaluable.

That's is our moderator Mr.Rashid, panel Mr.Azhar, Dr.Bashir and Dr.Wan Abdul Kadir (From left to right)

In this event we invite our own collages from UiTM Puncak Perdana, International Islamic University and Universiti Sains  Islam Malaysia. This event has two session where the first session is discussion session about The Future of Information Management between our lecturer, Mr. Abdul Rashid Rahman and Dr Wan Kadir, International Islamic University Dr.Bashir and important person in PRC,Mr.Azhar. In this slot, the discussion will outlines current perceptions about information management, its purpose and role in organizations, discussing why IM will be important in maintaining or improving organization performance. The introduction defines IM and puts forward some ideas about how information management will develop and what expertise and technologies will be required for this development to occur.

The second slot is Chit Chat Session: K-Sharing on Information Management Implementation: The journey, experiences and Standpoint. This session have two panel are Datuk Dr Raja Abdullah and Petronas person i can't recall her name and moderator for this session is our lecturer, Mr. Yamin.This session will be discussing on how information management be implemented and draws together a number of critical success factors for information management implementations. PETRONAS will be presenting their journey of success in developing, promoting and retaining the success of its Resource Centre. While from academicians, Faculty of Information Management (UiTM) view, the slot will be filled with the success story: explaining aims and goals from a view of reputable information specialist producer. This slot will not provide an exhaustive list, but do offer a series of principles, practices, experiences and history that can be sued to guide the planning and implementation of information management activities, It could be about organizational, cultural and strategic factors that must be considered to improve the management of information within organizations.

And this is our activity that we done in PRC. Besides that, Petronas also brings us to floor 43th at KLCC Twin Tower to see the view Kuala Lumpur. It is the most memorable experience in my life.

This view taken from level 43th

it's look high

 This is our team, Elek A

That's me, Dexner

I think i will continue another story after i done with my nail cause right now i busy doing manicure. That's all guys.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pulailah Meh Ambu

Tekenyit  tegepang
Dani kenyap di malam ari puang
Asai ka nuan ambai asi bisi ngimbai datai ngundang
Nemu nyak mina igau mimpi di malam terang bintang

Enda berasai labuh nerutu ai mataku naya
Ingat ke nuan wai keeling ati udah nadai agi nguan menua nyata
Lenyau lelang midang badu pulai ngirum berita
Danjan lesi bebadi badu di peda nadai temu penunga

Sinu ku sulu
Sunyi ku asi
Lelengau aku ambu
Beraie siang malam nganti pemulai nuan kitu baru

Enti baka nuan ulih ku ambi pulai
Biarku begadai reta begadai pengeraja
Asal meh nuan wai ambaiku sayau bisi datai negrimbai di tisi
Datai berandau duduk begulai betunga mua

Tang pandak jaku temati kutu
Tenggelam kukut ndai ke daya
Pengerindu tua mina teketu
Tejangkal naka tok aja
Nyema nuan bisi ninga bisi tepeda
Ke sada ke sebana atiku baremang ti chiru
Undang meh aku sayau
Taja enda lama sekejap Cuma udah cukup meh sulu ku sayau

Datai meh ambai
Datai nemuai ke dalam mimpi….

Description bout this poem:
It’s a woman who suddenly woke up in middle of the night and realizes her boyfriend is not by her side. And she still hoping her boyfriend visits her in her dream and wishes her final goodbye.

When I read this poem, it really touches my heart. This poem made by my friend, LULU. She gets inspiration to make this poem when she can’t sleep last night after drink one jag of coffee. Alright, enjoy this poem and have a nice day.

Hugs and Kisses,


Monday, November 12, 2012


Hello everyone!! How's your day?

It's quite long time i'm not here and update bout my life. I'm quite busy since right now i'm final year student and this year i will end my degree. It's almost 3 years i at UiTM take my degree. More experiences since i start my journey here. I gonna miss my life being student. After this, i will face a new world to gets job and have more responsibility. But today i want share something that i made when i had free time. 

This is my unique blanket and in Sarawak this is called "Selimut Tampal Seribu". I made this blanket almost in 3 months but it's not complete yet cause i want make it bigger

And this is cute little "Viva".Love her so much and she gonna damn cute for me. ^_^

Had to go and if i had more time and things to share gonna update it here..



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Linux oh Linux

Yesterday, my Linux class had started and we had been taught by Mr Krishnan trainer from Medec. He had teach us how to install the program and most part of my class gets problem with our PC. We had face the problem entire day and today we had settle the problem by bring our own laptop. I get bad luck for this morning cause my laptop gets problem when installing Linux. Thanks to Aizat, Syafiq, Amirah and Kimi cause helping me to solve the problem. Now, i can learn about Linux operating system more detail. Hope i can finish my Linux program for 13 days. Can't wait going home. 

Lots of XOXO

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oisobagi Kimchi (Cucumber Kimchi)

Yesterday,on my birthday i had made Oisobagi Kimchi or also known as Cucumber Kimchi. I had no idea to write own and just enjoy the picture.
it's delicious and spicy

That's my apple ^_^

Lots of xoxo

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Deal with Insult

Have u being insulted by anyone? Or your family,friends and anything being insult by other party? Is okay and i have the way to dealing with this creepy head that always insulting people.

  • Acknowledge the insult
       Ignoring the insult is like pretending not to notice an elephant in room. It is 
       pointless and the insult will keep coming haunt to you. Silences gives permission 
       and in other words, if your colleague talk bad about your fashion and you say
       say nothing, the other colleague will soon follow suit.
  • Take time to respond
As soon as you feel rage welling up inside you, take a deep breath. As you take that breath, make eye contact and even smile if you can. It will disarm the person who insulted you and shift the power to you. this non-verbal response  will hopefully also remind that person the rules of social graces.
  • Throw back the insult
If you don’t accept an insult, the insult always remain with the person who voiced it.
Calmy ask for an explanation cause most people freeze when forced to confront their own nastiness. It also tells them that they have not robbed you of your dignity but instead eroded theirs
  • Accept it positively
When you feel there’s some truth to the critism, take it an a constructive comment. But let the other person know she had crossed the line in the way it was delivered.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inai Pokok Keembung di Jari

selamat petang khabar???
Hari ini dexner ada something nak tunjuk kat korg pasal inai.Inai popular di kalangan orang melayu terutama masa majlis persandingan. Selalunye orang melayu guna daun inai. Tapi hari ini dexner nak tunjuk macam mana buat inai guna daun pokok keembung.
bahan2x utk inai keembung:
mestilah daun keembung bahan paling utama
ini die pokok bunga keembung

2 biji limau

cara2x siapkan inai pokok keembung:

mula2x,bersihkan daun pokok keembung 

selepas itu tumbuk daun pokok keembung lumat2x atau korang boleh blend je.

selepas itu, pakaikan dekat tangan n kuku korang.

Ini hasil die

Monday, June 18, 2012


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sambal Terung Asam

Hye everyone. We meet again. Quite busy for this month cause this is near due to final exam and week of presentation. But i got something to share with you all something that unique. It's traditional food that i get from my mom, Sambal Terung Asam. This dish made from Terung Asam  that what we call in Lundu,my hometown or in scientific name Solanum Ferox. This Terung Asam can put in chicken soup or fish soup. The taste quite sour but its delicious. In Sarawak,this Terung Asam can easily gets and its easy to plant. Okay, i want share one recipe to you all.


Ingredients :
one or two Terung Asam
one cup of anchovies

How to make it :
  1. Grilled the Terung Asam for 10 minutes and then  clean and take out the skin of Terung Asam 
  2.  Cut Terung Asam in small cube
  3. After that,mix well chili, belacan, anchovies  
  4. If the sambal had mix very well and now we can put the Terung Asam that we had cut in small cube. Mix it again until all the ingredients had mix very well.
Walla, this is the result of Sambal Terung Asam
 this is Sambal Terung Asam

Friday, June 1, 2012

Modern Way We Celebrate Gawai

So sad not going home for this year for Gawai Celebration. In 1st June, all the Sarawakian especially for Iban and Dayak will celebrate Gawai Day. This celebration is to celebrate harvesting paddy. But i not going back to my hometown for this year. Me and my friends just celebrate here at Shah Alam. We celebrate it by watching the latest movie Snow White and Huntsman, hang around at MCD eating MC Chicken,windows shopping and photo shooting with BRAVE cartoon character. Okay that all and i don't waste more time.Just enjoy our picture how we celebrate our gawai day.
me and him

We with archer

Walla..that me behind the stone

Standing stone that have in BRAVE movie

cute little to see her eyes and her mile

That Cindy and her child.

I'm the KING

Queen and King

I'm so BRAVE

This is WISPS,methane gas spiritual ethereal in BRAVE  

Cindy with WISP

Movie ticket "SNOW WHITE & HUNTSMAN"

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hari Berkasih Sayang or Loving Day

Today i want share my picture when we celebrate Hari Berkasih Sayang or Loving Day. This day we celebrate our friend birthday Seloh at KFC Giant Seksyen 13,Shah Alam. I don't want to waste more time and just enjoy our photo.
That us wait for the bus. Notice anything here (See Cindy eyes o.O)

Birthday girl Seloh


don't fight girls.everyone can have it

So cute..^_^

Thats me!!!

I love u girls and Friends 4ever

Three cute girls with their heart.

What I'm Doing When I'm Bored

When i feel bored i will do this things 
1. Playing this games, Ranch Rush.
This games is about Sarah that have a many farm  that want to make branch at new island. Many works to do and i had finish Ranch Rush 1st edition. Right now, i struggling to finish 2nd edition.I really enjoy playing this games and i can stand not eating, sleeping and drink just to finish the level. ^_^ 
2. Playing Millionaire
 I love playing this games with my housemates. When we play this games, we often fight with each other just to get the title as a "MILLIONAIRE". How i wish the money can be true!!! *_*
 3. Polish My Nail
This activity i love to do it especially with my bestie (Cindy,Seloh & Mieyna).We love to see the shining nails cause its looks gorgeous especially RED in colors.
 This is our friend's bear and we call it Pinky.
 5. Cooking
I and my friends likes food. And when we starving, we always cook delicious things. This picture taken when we celebrate  Cindy birthday party. There is Me, Seloh and  Mieyna.
This is Cindy alias Gojes
This is Seloh alias Mia Ugou

Burger Ayamas

And me DEXNER love to smile.
Adios & Muchos Gracias

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