Monday, November 12, 2012


Hello everyone!! How's your day?

It's quite long time i'm not here and update bout my life. I'm quite busy since right now i'm final year student and this year i will end my degree. It's almost 3 years i at UiTM take my degree. More experiences since i start my journey here. I gonna miss my life being student. After this, i will face a new world to gets job and have more responsibility. But today i want share something that i made when i had free time. 

This is my unique blanket and in Sarawak this is called "Selimut Tampal Seribu". I made this blanket almost in 3 months but it's not complete yet cause i want make it bigger

And this is cute little "Viva".Love her so much and she gonna damn cute for me. ^_^

Had to go and if i had more time and things to share gonna update it here..



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