Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hari Berkasih Sayang or Loving Day

Today i want share my picture when we celebrate Hari Berkasih Sayang or Loving Day. This day we celebrate our friend birthday Seloh at KFC Giant Seksyen 13,Shah Alam. I don't want to waste more time and just enjoy our photo.
That us wait for the bus. Notice anything here (See Cindy eyes o.O)

Birthday girl Seloh


don't fight girls.everyone can have it

So cute..^_^

Thats me!!!

I love u girls and Friends 4ever

Three cute girls with their heart.

What I'm Doing When I'm Bored

When i feel bored i will do this things 
1. Playing this games, Ranch Rush.
This games is about Sarah that have a many farm  that want to make branch at new island. Many works to do and i had finish Ranch Rush 1st edition. Right now, i struggling to finish 2nd edition.I really enjoy playing this games and i can stand not eating, sleeping and drink just to finish the level. ^_^ 
2. Playing Millionaire
 I love playing this games with my housemates. When we play this games, we often fight with each other just to get the title as a "MILLIONAIRE". How i wish the money can be true!!! *_*
 3. Polish My Nail
This activity i love to do it especially with my bestie (Cindy,Seloh & Mieyna).We love to see the shining nails cause its looks gorgeous especially RED in colors.
 This is our friend's bear and we call it Pinky.
 5. Cooking
I and my friends likes food. And when we starving, we always cook delicious things. This picture taken when we celebrate  Cindy birthday party. There is Me, Seloh and  Mieyna.
This is Cindy alias Gojes
This is Seloh alias Mia Ugou

Burger Ayamas

And me DEXNER love to smile.
Adios & Muchos Gracias

Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday

Selamat ari pengada 
Shengri Kuailie 
Happy Birthday
All the wishes i gave to my bestfriend, SELOH for her 23 years old. Hope she success in her life and gets a new partner in her life too. I met her 2 years ago when we at Minggu Haluan Siswa. We study, play and doing stupid things together in this 2 years. Although our study comes to the end but i hope our friendship forever. Love u forever.

Hugs and Kisses,

Monday, May 14, 2012

Very Touching Video

Me and my friends, Seloh found this video when we searching music video in YouTube.  We watch this video and we feel very sad cause this video is about letter from mother and father gave to their child. When i watch this video, i feel my mom and dad write this letter for me. Hope you all enjoy this video and i bet you all will cried. And i hope after you all watching this video, please call your parents say that you all love them very much.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Dream Car

Nice right???
I love this car. Range Rover Evoque.
Love the design and the structure of the car is good compare than others.
I hope one day i can own this car.
love it!!!!


Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hai everyone..
Happy Weekends
How's ur day?
Going chill out or just stay home?
This week i just stay home and not going anywhere. Had more work to do but before do it i phone my mom and gets chat with her. I miss her very much and we chat about preparation for Gawai Day that will come in end of this month. She said this year Gawai celebration would be less interesting rather than last year cause me and my brother not coming home to celebrate. So sorry mom cause not come home for this year cause we had to attend our lecture. I hope you will be okay cause other siblings will celebrate with you. I miss my whole family. Miss the laugh, jokes, foods and all. And i hope after i finish my study, i would like to have job close near to my family. And this picture belongs to my parents.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sakit Tekak + Coding

Hye semua hari nie aku memang xde mood. Dah dengan kelas coding yang memenatkan kepala dengan sakit tekak aku tambah lagi telinga aku nie asyik berdenyut-denyut rasa nak bunuh orang je. Nasib aku nie baik hati konon je. Nie dah masuk kali ke 2 aku demam bulan nie nak g klinik malas pula malu tengok muka En.Said. Mesti die cakap awak lagi. Itulah awak tak kuat antibodi tu asyik g klinik je...hihihi..nak buat macam mana nak sakit kan..Huhu..Masuk kelas web programming mesti pening kepala asyik menghadap coding. Aku nie dah naik muak dari mula aku masuk U sampai nak abis ada je coding. Boleh tak berhenti kejap??Penatnye doe..Pe boleh buat student kan..oklah guys nak out dulu nie masih kat kelas lagi sempat berbloging.

Yang benar,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rainy Day

Wanshang Hao..
Ni hao ma???
Today in Puncak Perdana, the weather is very good cause the rain comes heavily and makes our day so cool as our heart..hahahaha..Watever, but today i had mandarin test for my speaking and i can make it. It's so relieved and i can smile. I and my friends,Miena are the second group present and we manage do it nicely. Thanks again to our Lecturer, Mr. Ho cause helps us to make it. I had to go cause i doesn't have any idea to write.

Hugs from me,

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