Wednesday, August 24, 2011

awwwww ~_^

When u know u love someone???
1. U smile when U see/talk to them
2. U get the butterflies around them
3. U are thinking about them as U read this

Monday, August 22, 2011

Friendship Between Spongebob n Patrick

F is for friends that do stuff together!
U is for u and me!
N is for anytime and everything down here in the deep     blue sea! :P

Saturday, August 20, 2011

How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

Join me in Churp Churp and you will get reward for being our community. Many advantages will you gets and they will give you $ 1 for every friends you invite into their community..COME JOIN ME NOW!!!


Nuffnang is a Asia-Pacific first blog advertising community. I heard about this community from my classmates,Azlan who very familiar with blog and been blogger with Nuffnang for a period of time. Beginner like me also had register my blog in Nuffnang and i also had add ads in my blog because they told me Nuffnang will give u money (but i don't know how much will they give) per click in their ads. I really excited heard bout that things and i started promote my blog to people but today when i see my earning in Nuffnang, i got surprise. For a long period of time, i wait and keep wait there have a plenty earnings and there have people click in my ads on Dexner blog. What a funny things and i'm so happy and thanks for that people who always read and view my blog. Thanks to all of you. I hope you all always follow what i had write here and i hope u all always click to my ads so that i can get money from Nuffnang...hihi. ^_^ i had to go now and i will come back soon for a best story. Love u alls.. -DEXNER-

One day i will gets this cheque ^_^

Saturday, August 13, 2011


watcha..walla... topics for today very unique. that's about changes. anybody and anything need changes for their life so that their life more colorful and blooming. about the topic here, my brother ask me to change my writing and how i share topic in my blog. he said my blog bored and that's way no many people read my blog. i quarreling with him and said to him "Did i care people see or read about my stories??". but after thinking and rethinking, i agree with him. i write my stories in my blog because i want share something here and wanted anyone who stop by in my blog read it. anyone help me what's suppose i put in my blog so that it can more beautiful and glooming like other people did on their blog?help!!!!!
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