Saturday, August 20, 2011


Nuffnang is a Asia-Pacific first blog advertising community. I heard about this community from my classmates,Azlan who very familiar with blog and been blogger with Nuffnang for a period of time. Beginner like me also had register my blog in Nuffnang and i also had add ads in my blog because they told me Nuffnang will give u money (but i don't know how much will they give) per click in their ads. I really excited heard bout that things and i started promote my blog to people but today when i see my earning in Nuffnang, i got surprise. For a long period of time, i wait and keep wait there have a plenty earnings and there have people click in my ads on Dexner blog. What a funny things and i'm so happy and thanks for that people who always read and view my blog. Thanks to all of you. I hope you all always follow what i had write here and i hope u all always click to my ads so that i can get money from Nuffnang...hihi. ^_^ i had to go now and i will come back soon for a best story. Love u alls.. -DEXNER-

One day i will gets this cheque ^_^

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