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Good Morning and Happy Friday

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Here also finalist contestant BHF 2014 from Lundu Mr.CollinDuncan @ Aki Manang brings Iban Sebuyau custome. He was very fond of collecting items and traditional clothing from over Sarawak. He also has passion in dance and makes traditional items. In competition BHF 2014, he performed Iban Sebuyau traditional costume called "MANANG" where this clothing is used by Manang during healing ceremonies or performances "BERUBAT BELIAN". In addition, he also brings "TIMPAK" small basket containing a small statue (PERTIH) Ilum (PINANG & SIRIH), candle and “RETEH PADI”. "TIMPAK" normally used as "PEMBAWA SEMANGAT" especially in medical Iban Sebuyau.
Here pictures of him in Iban Sebuyau costume in BHF 2014.

 'AKI MANANG' iban sebuyau costume

TIMPAK used for "BERUBAT BELIAN" ceremony especially for sebuyau Lundu

Hoping that you guys enjoy what I'm writing and for BHF 2015 hope more unique traditional costume be bring. 



Good Morning and Happy Friday

Today I would like to share about my friend from my hometown LUNDU who joined Borneo Hornbill Festival 2014 and present Selako traditional costume. Many people not familiar with this traditional and here some info that I get from contestant themselves. 


His name is Pete Morni and studies in Universiti Malaya. He joined BHF competition because he wants to bring out and present Selako costume to outsider. Many people don’t know Selako tribe because this tribe is minority in Sarawak. This tribe origin only exists in Sematan and Lundu area in Sarawak. With this competition, he manages get two title from BHF 2014 which are Mr Photogenic & Mr Spirit of Harvest Borneo Hornbill Festival 6th @ 2014. I’m proud with him because he tries his best in making preparation and do a lot research about his costume.  His costume that he used for that day is called as ‘Baju Gayang’ which it special for ‘Tarian Totonkng’. This Baju Gayang made from bark cloth.

Selako costume which called ‘Baju Gayang’
p/s : I’m also impressed with this costume cause myself never see this costume. What I know Selako costume for men only a simple black vest.

Here some of picture of him in BHF 2014:

Award that he won that night, MR.PHOTOGENIC & MR.SPIRIT OF HARVEST  

Here his appreciation that I get from his FB:
Thanked God & Thank you so much to all BHF Crew, all judges, my family, my assistant, participants, friends, photographers, supporters, Online Voters, sponsors and the other....
Especially, the Bidayuh Selako... community! These 2 title award it’s not only for me but, totally for us!!
Eceh Basi Karas Sumangat...
Dingin Sajuk Raya Ramoh..
Pangamakng, Pangaruap nfan Pajaji.

 Enjoy my writing. Sabaya-baya repo. ^_^


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