Monday, October 7, 2013

Talking too much about your EX?Friends may start to avoid you!

Topic for today.

Hello guys. Did you had read our topic for today? This topic i gets after read it at Borneo Post newspaper for last Saturday, 05 October 2013. When i read it, i felt this topic really interesting to share with you. I think many people had experienced this whether to be friend that give advice or other else. Although this scenario feel familiar but I want write this topic for my blog cause i want get opinion or experiences from you guys. In this article, new survey had made it shows 50% adult in US have dodged their friends or family after talks incessantly about his or her relationship. For myself, I'm not really good friends in giving comfort or advice when they face this problem. If my friends come to me when they breakup maybe I try to help them for two or three times. But if they keep talking about their EX-BOYFRIEND or EX-GIRLFRIEND and not listen to my advice (example build new life)and seek me again for comfort, maybe I will try to avoid them cause for me they don't want to help themselves so why I must help stubborn people. If they keep talking and ask why they break-up, it will make people around you feel sick with you cause you keep repeating the same issues. What I suggest to this people, you must get out from the box and try to build a new life. Maybe more people agree with me. There a lot things you can do rather you keep think about your EX cause this thing will not help you but will ruin your life. Think carefully cause there lots people around you love you more than your EX. 

Stop here and will continue to give more topics. Byee...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Free Christian Books from The New Life Mission

Good Afternoon everybody.It's LUNCH TIME already but I'm still at office waiting for my dad and my lil sister to come and grab some lunch. Before I go out, I want share to you all bout this website,The New Life Mission which I found it form my brother,Lewis. He give me one of his collection that he gets from this website and it's actually a non-denominational and a non-profit mission organization which  aims at preaching the words of God to all the people of the world through literature ministry. It has been distributing hundreds of thousands copies of printed books and e-Books for free. Its head office is in Seoul, Korea, and there are lots of branches and cooperating organizations all over the world. I actually had read one of the books which HAVE YOU MET JESUS WITH THE GOSPEL OF THE WATER AND THE SPIRIT?  and it's very interesting. The writing is very simple and you can understand it easily. Sometimes, I can't understand little bit words that have in BIBLE but through this books you can understand what are meaning actually our GOD want to show for you. From more reading, you can found how amazing and grateful our savior,JESUS CHRIST. This organization also give printed books and e-Books for free so you just fill the form and that they will post to you the books direct to your house. For whom interested to be co-workers,you can join them as distributor, translator or proofreader, or translator and book distributor. You can sign up here to join as co-workers. Besides that, if you guys have website or blog, you guys also can add their banner for your website or blog like I do to my blog. There have lots banner that you can choose to put at your banner. I think you guys should do it so that many more people would get an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ through this Christian books.

The book that I read and it's very good.

 I will stop here cause I had to take my lunch. Hope you guys take look what I had share with you guys and share the good news as we are Christian. Wishing you guys luck and have a nice day.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Happen in 2013

Good Morning. It's look quite a long time I don't update anything here and this blog looks outdated cause there's no latest things here. Today I want share what I'm doing for this year 2013. After I finish my study, I go back to Sarawak and rest almost one month. Doing nothing and rest my mind after struggling almost three years for my degree. After that, I started doing job hunting and I gets work at one company which provides training,conference and workshop. It's quite interesting experience for me cause I'm IT student and don't have any experience doing sales and marketing. It's very challenging for me cause you have to search your client by yourself. Management team only give one list company for your reference. From that, I realize that industry not only search their workers expertise in one skills only but you must have multiply skill to perform for them. When i involved with the sales, I have to study what the best communication when you dealing with various type of customer. There has many level of communication that I must to know before I started talked with them.It's very interesting job. Now, I'm not longer in sales jobs. My current jobs it's more dealing with my studies. It's more technical and dealing with software. Many experience that I gets here. I started know bout Lotus Notes, product from IBM. Before this, I don't have idea what is this cause I never learn bout it. When I'm finish my degree,I feel that I'm adult women which I have to carry one big responsibility for myself and my family. 

And this is my convocation picture.My convocation day are 22 May. My parents,my youngest sister,cousin and her family and not forget my man that come to my convocation day. Other siblings can't make it cause have other commitment on that day.  

Me and him at his convocation.

I will stop here cause I have doing something else and I promise I will brings more updates news for you all to read.

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