Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I'm Doing When I'm Bored

When i feel bored i will do this things 
1. Playing this games, Ranch Rush.
This games is about Sarah that have a many farm  that want to make branch at new island. Many works to do and i had finish Ranch Rush 1st edition. Right now, i struggling to finish 2nd edition.I really enjoy playing this games and i can stand not eating, sleeping and drink just to finish the level. ^_^ 
2. Playing Millionaire
 I love playing this games with my housemates. When we play this games, we often fight with each other just to get the title as a "MILLIONAIRE". How i wish the money can be true!!! *_*
 3. Polish My Nail
This activity i love to do it especially with my bestie (Cindy,Seloh & Mieyna).We love to see the shining nails cause its looks gorgeous especially RED in colors.
 This is our friend's bear and we call it Pinky.
 5. Cooking
I and my friends likes food. And when we starving, we always cook delicious things. This picture taken when we celebrate  Cindy birthday party. There is Me, Seloh and  Mieyna.
This is Cindy alias Gojes
This is Seloh alias Mia Ugou

Burger Ayamas

And me DEXNER love to smile.
Adios & Muchos Gracias

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