Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sambal Terung Asam

Hye everyone. We meet again. Quite busy for this month cause this is near due to final exam and week of presentation. But i got something to share with you all something that unique. It's traditional food that i get from my mom, Sambal Terung Asam. This dish made from Terung Asam  that what we call in Lundu,my hometown or in scientific name Solanum Ferox. This Terung Asam can put in chicken soup or fish soup. The taste quite sour but its delicious. In Sarawak,this Terung Asam can easily gets and its easy to plant. Okay, i want share one recipe to you all.


Ingredients :
one or two Terung Asam
one cup of anchovies

How to make it :
  1. Grilled the Terung Asam for 10 minutes and then  clean and take out the skin of Terung Asam 
  2.  Cut Terung Asam in small cube
  3. After that,mix well chili, belacan, anchovies  
  4. If the sambal had mix very well and now we can put the Terung Asam that we had cut in small cube. Mix it again until all the ingredients had mix very well.
Walla, this is the result of Sambal Terung Asam
 this is Sambal Terung Asam

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