Friday, June 1, 2012

Modern Way We Celebrate Gawai

So sad not going home for this year for Gawai Celebration. In 1st June, all the Sarawakian especially for Iban and Dayak will celebrate Gawai Day. This celebration is to celebrate harvesting paddy. But i not going back to my hometown for this year. Me and my friends just celebrate here at Shah Alam. We celebrate it by watching the latest movie Snow White and Huntsman, hang around at MCD eating MC Chicken,windows shopping and photo shooting with BRAVE cartoon character. Okay that all and i don't waste more time.Just enjoy our picture how we celebrate our gawai day.
me and him

We with archer

Walla..that me behind the stone

Standing stone that have in BRAVE movie

cute little to see her eyes and her mile

That Cindy and her child.

I'm the KING

Queen and King

I'm so BRAVE

This is WISPS,methane gas spiritual ethereal in BRAVE  

Cindy with WISP

Movie ticket "SNOW WHITE & HUNTSMAN"

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