Sunday, July 15, 2012

Deal with Insult

Have u being insulted by anyone? Or your family,friends and anything being insult by other party? Is okay and i have the way to dealing with this creepy head that always insulting people.

  • Acknowledge the insult
       Ignoring the insult is like pretending not to notice an elephant in room. It is 
       pointless and the insult will keep coming haunt to you. Silences gives permission 
       and in other words, if your colleague talk bad about your fashion and you say
       say nothing, the other colleague will soon follow suit.
  • Take time to respond
As soon as you feel rage welling up inside you, take a deep breath. As you take that breath, make eye contact and even smile if you can. It will disarm the person who insulted you and shift the power to you. this non-verbal response  will hopefully also remind that person the rules of social graces.
  • Throw back the insult
If you don’t accept an insult, the insult always remain with the person who voiced it.
Calmy ask for an explanation cause most people freeze when forced to confront their own nastiness. It also tells them that they have not robbed you of your dignity but instead eroded theirs
  • Accept it positively
When you feel there’s some truth to the critism, take it an a constructive comment. But let the other person know she had crossed the line in the way it was delivered.

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