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I think it's a long enough i don't update anything in my blogs. I'm quite busy lately finish all my assignment and final report. there many activities that had done during that time like my Public Relation event. Okay i will share to u event that i had done during this December where i'm so busy preparing for it.

This is ETEC (Empowering Talent Embracing Career) poster. This strategic collaboration program is organized by the student of Public Relations in Information Work course (UiTM) and PETRONAS Resource Centre (PRC). As to fulfilling the course requirements for Public Relations in Information Work, the aim objectives of this program is to explain the role of Information Management from the aspects of professionals and organizational.This half day session offers a unique blend of discussion and networking There is an close relationship that has formed between academician and the industries that fosters exchange of knowledge and experiences that has proven to be invaluable.

That's is our moderator Mr.Rashid, panel Mr.Azhar, Dr.Bashir and Dr.Wan Abdul Kadir (From left to right)

In this event we invite our own collages from UiTM Puncak Perdana, International Islamic University and Universiti Sains  Islam Malaysia. This event has two session where the first session is discussion session about The Future of Information Management between our lecturer, Mr. Abdul Rashid Rahman and Dr Wan Kadir, International Islamic University Dr.Bashir and important person in PRC,Mr.Azhar. In this slot, the discussion will outlines current perceptions about information management, its purpose and role in organizations, discussing why IM will be important in maintaining or improving organization performance. The introduction defines IM and puts forward some ideas about how information management will develop and what expertise and technologies will be required for this development to occur.

The second slot is Chit Chat Session: K-Sharing on Information Management Implementation: The journey, experiences and Standpoint. This session have two panel are Datuk Dr Raja Abdullah and Petronas person i can't recall her name and moderator for this session is our lecturer, Mr. Yamin.This session will be discussing on how information management be implemented and draws together a number of critical success factors for information management implementations. PETRONAS will be presenting their journey of success in developing, promoting and retaining the success of its Resource Centre. While from academicians, Faculty of Information Management (UiTM) view, the slot will be filled with the success story: explaining aims and goals from a view of reputable information specialist producer. This slot will not provide an exhaustive list, but do offer a series of principles, practices, experiences and history that can be sued to guide the planning and implementation of information management activities, It could be about organizational, cultural and strategic factors that must be considered to improve the management of information within organizations.

And this is our activity that we done in PRC. Besides that, Petronas also brings us to floor 43th at KLCC Twin Tower to see the view Kuala Lumpur. It is the most memorable experience in my life.

This view taken from level 43th

it's look high

 This is our team, Elek A

That's me, Dexner

I think i will continue another story after i done with my nail cause right now i busy doing manicure. That's all guys.

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