Friday, March 16, 2012


What do you all know about friendship? Friendship is a relationship between two or more friends and what is friends all about? Friends is someone who you know well and like but who is not have family relationship with you. Do you will keep asking why i keep ask about friends and the friendship???
Today i want share to you one true story that i gets from my friends. I will keep the name secretly because it's private for me and her. My friend have a good best friend
from her secondary school. They always together in every minute and share everything together but one things that make them different is her friends,Girl(not a true name) is rich,beautiful and affordable buy anything if she want compare with my friend.
When they had finish the study at secondary school, Girl met a new friend at University. And her new friend also a rich person and beautiful(but this little girl very arrogant). When she study there,she never sms or keep in touch with my friend. She always tell to my friend she busy and doesn't have time. but when my friend get opportunity study at other university and have a new friends, Girl get upset and jealous because my friend not keep touch with her. She don't want to call or sms. Her new friends tell everyone and even post at one of popular social networking that my friend arrogant and everything bad about my friends. I sympathize with my friend cause she love her friend because of the misunderstanding her friendship that almost 8 years just end like that. I had told Girl to solve this matter with my friend but she just ignore it.
I hope all friends out there you all must face the problem with your friends and solve it together before it too late. That all that i want share with you all. BFF (BEST FRIEND FOREVER) -DEXNER-

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