Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Funny Day

My Buddies,Seloh and Miena

Gottcha!!! I have something funny to tell to you all. Thats about my buddies,Seloh and Miena. A few hours ago,my buddies had ask me how to make blog? I really surprised cause before this i had invite her make blog but after 1 year i be a blogger than suddenly she ask me a help to make a blog. With all knowledge and experience about 1 year with blog, i teach them.I teach them how to put something interesting in the blog and customize the blog. The funny things is when both of them see their own blog, they complaint to me why one  of their blog is beautiful,how to create cute,beautiful blog.They try to compete who's is the beautiful blog. I really enjoy with their Q & A about blog. They such like a baby that want a milk.Asking and asking..Hahaha..After about 4 hours they create their blog,finally they come with beautiful and simple blog for starter. Seloh's Blog mostly more to nature and life and their tagline also, she gets from CARNATION and MAGNOLIA flowers. Mieyna's Blog mostly about her life and her interest about cute things such as teddy bear but i really like her background cause she use CHRYSANTHEMUM flower,my favourite flower.

That's all for today and maybe after this i will come out with other story.Love u all..^.^

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