Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

More people always choose to buy anything last minute for any celebration cause there have many pros example we can get more discount on it cause usually store will make clearance stock on it. I also normally go on last minute Xmas shopping. But do not panic when you don’t have any preparation for Xmas shopping. Here some tips for you who like shopping last minute:

        i.            Create a buying list
Make sure you making a buying list commit on it. Why?? It will help you to specify your budget and buy the necessary things only. Make a buying list will help you cut more cost rather grab anything that not very important on it.

      ii.            Go alone
Go shopping alone will make you have some time to decide anything to buy. You will not been influenced by other party like your child or your friends. When you bring your kids or friends, usually they will drag you into stores that you do not need. And from that, your budget will over limit.

    iii.            Avoid credit cards
Using credit cards in big celebration like Xmas and New Year is very bad choice because it will make you buy anything because you don’t need think about your cash. You just swipe your card to buy anything but remember you will make your debt bigger and bigger. When you use cash, you will know how much your cash and you know how to limit yourself to buy anything. That’s very important. Think about another day that you need to face.

     iv.            Set a time limit

Make plans that fit a certain amount of time, which would avoid the risk of overspending.


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