Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday... long time we have no see and i not update anything in my i want talk bout my belated birthday..NOW, i'm 22 years come i become more older???really don't like it but never mind cause it's not a big problem..when i see myself compare i'm in high school, i become more matured and more pretty..hahaha..what a funny??? right now i become more adult women like my dad say..but when i see deeper and deeper into myself, what i see is i become more fierce and tension girl..huhu..cause when year after year, there will many responsibility i have to take..but's i will challenge myself so that i can prepare myself to face the worlds.

When i in High School (2008)

We got best team,Alpha Team when in National Service (2007)


1st Year at University (2010)

When i'm 22 years old with my sister in Majlis Gawai Ngiling Tikai (latest photo 2011)

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